- Training Programs Assistant since 2015
- FIT Specialist Since 2013
- Tuesday Night Fun Run Leader
- Nathan H20 Pro (Hydration & Nutrition Specialist) 

I joined the Fleet Feet Sacramento extended family when I signed up for their CIM training in 2011. Shortly after that I got the opportunity to mentor for their Shamrock’n Half Marathon program where the very people I was mentoring talked me into joining the store’s Trail Training program. I soon became friends and running partners with one of the gals at the store who encouraged me to run my first of many ultra marathons. Needless to say trail running was a life changing experience as it brought back memories of exploring the hills in South San Jose where I grew up. My love of trail running, being outside exploring nature, and seeing what I could push my body to do in ultra marathon distances snowballed into one of the best decisions I ever made – leaving a 9 year career in the veterinary field to work for Fleet Feet Sacramento in 2013, where I soon took on the role of hosting their Tuesday night fun runs. There are seven things I love most in life: my husband Nick (who also run trails and ultras), our 2 dogs, our 2 cats, my Trail Mix family, and running trails. Eight if you count ice cream.

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