Lisa R.

Lisa R.
- Training Programs Director since 2005
- Fleet Feet Sports Coach
- RRCA Certified Coach
- USATF Level I Certified Coach

I have worked at Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento since 2005.  I started as a coach (for the very first Shamrock’n race) and that same year I moved into the role of creating and managing the training programs division.  My degree in History from UC Berkeley has in no way helped me in this role, but I love running and fitness so I figured it out along the way.  My job is awesome because I get to help people find inspiration and happiness from moving their bodies. I get hugs, smiles, sometimes tears and gratitude when people cross the finish line of their first 5K, first marathon or get a new PR – and they do all the work.  Who wouldn’t love that!  I started running when I was 28 and except for a few babies here and there (I have four), I haven’t stopped.  I have run 7 marathons and countless half marathons.  I qualified for Boston twice but only ran it once because of a late in life surprise – did I mention I have four kids?  I love a lot of things but mostly my awesome husband Hubert, my sweet kids Anna, Caroline, Will and Stella and running!

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