Best Time to Reflect

Today is the opening of a new blog here at Fleet Feet Sacramento. After jumping into the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 10k this last weekend, I headed out on my cooldown; you know that run some people go on afterwards to hopefully prevent soreness tomorrow (didn't work by the way). I typically run backwards on the course on my cooldown as I like to see every one giving it their all and enjoying whatever the experience has brought them on that day. In this moment I realized that "The Cooldown" is one of the best times of reflection that I have in my life. I am very clear headed after pushing myself and for 6.2 miles haven't thought about the day-to-day minutiae. I am not only able to reflect on my race and my training but the important parts of life and being sure to make time to experience life. As I jogged along cheering for people, I realized that in my 28+ years of running and 20 years of coaching I may have some thoughts that runners, walkers and humans in general could benefit from. I had just stumbled upon the blog I have always wanted to write. Something simple, short & sweet and hopefully helpful to others. So stay tuned as I have made a goal to post here once per week. By the way saying your goals out loud or writing them down is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

~Dusty Robinson 

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