Bra Talk: A Headlight Moment

By: Jan Sweeney, Co-owner, Fleet Feet Sacramento

Our job, as your local running specialty store, is to filter through the tons of gear sent to us by manufacturers to try to find the handful (no pun intended) of great products that our customers will love and will keep them comfortable. For us gals, that includes finding the perfect sports bra—because, frankly, there are a lot of sub-par sports bras out there. Recently, I wear-tested a new bra line and used it in three sports to see if it was indeed a high impact bra as it was touted. For my yoga class, it was good—didn’t chafe and didn’t cut under my arms. For my easy mid-week run, it did okay too-that is to say, I didn’t notice it at all and I wasn’t sore afterward. Thursday evening I did our Fleet Feet Boot Camp, my favorite way to get my core in shape, work up a great sweat, all while having fun with Coach Nikki. Fun, that is, until my B cups were throbbing, and I was only half way through the workout. No joke- the whole walk home all I could think about was how sore my girls were (although it did take my mind off my quivering abs and triceps). That bra went in the donation pile so you don’t have to waste your money and go through the pain I went through. My cupcakes never bounce with my Moving Comfort Juno bra or the New Balance Shockingly Unshocking bra so I know those are worth our investment.

And finally, can we talk headlights? Those cute seamless bras have a place but when I’m running on a hot day, I need coverage. True story: last summer I was doing a morning run on a hot August day and I decided to pull off my shirt and finish in just my sports bra on my cool down. Who comes walking around the corner but our son’s former kindergarten teacher and her husband who were walking their dog. I stopped to say hello but the whole time I was thinking, YIKES-I’m not wearing my Moving Comfort Vixen bra so I hope they can’t see my headlights! It’s embarrassing! Ladies, there is an answer: the sports bra with a seam down the middle, like the Vixen, is specifically made for modesty purposes--wear it and you won’t have to think about headlights ever again!

If you want to find the right bra for you, whether you are size A or size EE, whether you are training for a marathon or starting your post pregnancy workouts while also breast feeding—we have 1,000 bras in inventory to meet your unique needs. Come in and meet with one of the women on our staff today to find your perfect fit. Keeping your girls comfy is our goal! 

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