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A poor-fitting sports bra can hinder performance and ruin your entire workout experience. 

A Quick Anatomy Lesson
All breast tissue is supported by small suspension structures called Cooper’s Ligaments. Think of these as tiny rubber bands; once they stretch they don’t bounce back! Any excessive movement of the tissue leads to tension on these bands. A properly fitting sports bra can decrease this movement, reducing wear and tear on the ligaments as well as improving comfort during exercise.

Try on a sports bra as you would your walking or running shoes.
All the ladies at Fleet Feet Sacramento are trained in fitting women for sports bras. Your Bra Fit Specialist will make sure you find the bra that fits YOU perfectly. We carry a wide variety of sizes so there is something for everyone (Cup Size A to G). 

What are the key features to look for in a sports bra?
Quality sports bras are made from a moisture-wicking material such as polyester that dries quickly. The sports bra should also have cup stability to hold your breasts in place- through compression and encapsulation (support around each breast) as well as both strap and band adjustability. A woman's breast size can change throughout the month so it's important to have the ability to slightly alter the bra's size. An adjustable strap and band will help you to customize the bra to your particular shape.

New Moms
Congratulations new moms! Fleet Feet Sacramento is keeping your return to fitness in mind. Support and comfort is so important during this time of your life. We can meet the needs of new moms with a wide variety of sizes and styles, as well as bras that can allow for breast feeding without completely taking off the bra. And ladies, don't forget that over the next few months your size, style and comfort needs will change drastically. We are here for you and can help you with adjustments to current bras and suggestions for when the time is right for a bra change.

How often should I replace my sports bra?
This depends on how often you wear and wash your sports bra, but in most cases it should never have a birthday. The fabric wears out over time from sweat, detergent, dryers, etc. You should look for signs of wear such as rippling of the elastic or a loose fit. If you adjust your bra to the tightest hook and you can still fit your fingers underneath the band, it's likely wearing out. Keep in mind that you should own several sports bras and should never wear the same bra two days in a row.

Finding the right sports bra can seem daunting, but equipped with the above advice and a Fleet Feet Sports Bra Fit Specialist, you'll be well on your way to bra nirvana. Not only will you feel more comfortable during your workouts, but you'll look fabulous, too. A perfect-fitting sports bra makes all the difference. 

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