How do you Hydrate?

Hydration is KEY especially moving into the warmer months of the year. So, how do you hydrate? We carry many different hydration accessories in store for your use. Avoid injury, perform better and recover faster. Hydrate!

Amphipod is a versatile company with products you can mix and match and interchange to fit you. They are designed and engineered for comfort, ergonomics, performance and quality - whether you need easy access to hydration fluids or nutrition, you can find a system to fit you. In store we carry a variety of Amphipod pieces from handhelds to belts to cell phone pouches. 

Nathan makes a full range of hydration products to cover any activity or distance. Their collection is designed to hold up every sip of the way. Whether you like to carry or wear your hydration solution, they will have an answer for you. Our Nathan selection in store varies from handhelds to belts to race vests to full hydration packs.

Also shown to the left are Nathan, Amphipod and UltraSpire handhelds and accessories.

Hydration packs are a great option when running longer distances. They can hold from 1-2 liters of water (depends on model) and several servings of fuel. In store we carry packs from Nathan, UltraSpire, Ultimate Direction, Mountain Hardwear and Hoka One One. Some packs are adjustable, some are sized specifically for you. Some come with water bladders or bottles, some do not. They are all built for going longer distances, minimizing bounce and providing comfort for your workout. 

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