Hydration Packs

A hydration pack is specially designed backpack that carries your fluid supply, fuel, and any other gear you might need while you are out on your run. The benefits of using a hydration pack are significant. You can concentrate on where you are placing your footing while keeping your hands free. Water is also one of the denser, heavier things we carry, so carrying it close to one's back is the best way to carry the weight. And hydration packs let you easily drink even when running down a trail.

When selecting the best hydration pack for your activities, there are a number of factors that are worth considering. 


Fit is the most important thing to think about when choosing a hydration pack. No matter how awesome the features of a pack are, you’ll never wear it if it doesn’t fit properly. Some packs are available in sizes while others offer adjustable shoulder and sternum straps with side compression cinch straps so you can create a nearly custom fit. Women might find an even better fit in a women’s specific pack.

Pocket Placement

If you want a pack with pockets and pouches, make sure they are located in a place that will be comfortable for you. It really comes down to what you think will be most convenient. Think about your range of motion when running, and choose a pack with pockets that will be easily accessible, but won’t get in the way.

Carrying Capacity

Think about what essentials you want to take with you on your run. Will you need pockets or pouches that can accommodate extra layers (like a lightweight jacket or a pair of gloves)? Do you need to carry gel or chew packets, or a bottle of electrolyte tabs? Do you want a space for your smart phone or MP3 player? Instead of looking for a pack that can carry everything including the kitchen sink, focus on finding a model that’s just big enough for your needs. Too much extra space will add unnecessary weight.

Hydration Carrying Choices

Packs can carry fluid in a bladder, bottles, or both. Each option has its own benefits. Bladders allow you to carry ample hydration close to your body so that it doesn’t slosh around when you’re running. Using a bladder also gives you fast and easy access to hydration on the run via a flexible drink tube, so you can sip without breaking stride. But some runners find bladders to be less convenient to fill and clean than bottles. If you’re running in hot temps, bottles also allow you to douse yourself with water to help cool down.

Hydration Capacity

Your hydration needs will vary depending on the intensity and duration of your workout, how much you sweat, and your personal preference. Think about how much fluid you’ll want to carry with you, and select a pack that can accommodate your needs. Most hydration packs come with a 2.0 liter bladder, but we also carry 1 liter, 2 liter, and 2.5 liter bladders.

It doesn't matter if you are running 3 miles or 100, anyone can benefit from wearing a hydration pack - and there are so many options to choose from! Finding the right one for your needs can be done with the help of any of our Fit Specialists at Fleet Feet Sacramento. So come on down and try one on for size!

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