I Am So Much More Than A Number

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I was not an athlete growing up...not even close. If you can picture that typical "non-athletic" kid, that was me. I read during recess, my extracurricular activities included choir and musical theater and I shrunk away from anything physical; especially sports. And I loved to eat. and eat and eat and eat. It was (is) a comfort. 

Now granted, I was never obese, but that didn't stop me from feeling ashamed and uncomfortable in my body. I was overweight, soft, squishy, exercise was uncomfortable and I hated it; hated myself. Have you ever been called "thunder thighs" as a 10 year old? It's debilitating. 

I started my first diet in middle school and yo-yo'd through fad after fad for the rest of my teenage years. There's something terribly wrong when a girl at the age of 12 can barely look herself in the mirror without fear and disgust....

And then I found running. 

Running became transformative for me. Not only did it help with my weight management , but it gave me something to be proud of. My body can do that?!? 

I am not the fastest runner, not anywhere close...but I have performed physical feats my 12 year old self never would have imagined. Me, a runner? Never. 

And through running I am able to see my struggles through a different lens; it has changed the way I look at my body, my weight and my self-worth. Now, I am not a number. In fact, I rarely weigh myself anymore. Why? Because that number on the scale doesn't represent ME. It can't tell me how much I challenged myself during that workout. It can't tell me how powerful in my body I now feel. It can't describe to me that feeling when I cross the finish line after a really hard race. It can't explain to me why an early morning run makes any day better. It's just a number. Nothing more. And that number is not me. 

Does this make me perfect? Not at all. Do I still struggle with the same fears, judgments, excuses and road blocks as before? Absolutely. So what has changed?

Now I am able to see the other side of the coin. Sure, I still have moments where that cellulite or muffin top makes me want to curl up and hide. I'm not sure if the voice of that 12 year old girl will ever leave my side. But then I go out for a run and remember that my body is...amazing! I don't need to be ashamed or disgusted anymore. I can be proud of all the great and fantastic things that my body is capable of. 

I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have been able to get to this point. To have gone through these struggles and come out the other side. 

And that brings me to Dr. Mondo. As Training Director here at Fleet Feet Sacramento I see people come into our training programs for a variety of reasons, one of the most common being to lose weight. 

And running is a great tool to help with weight management. But for anyone, like myself, who has struggled with their weight, often there are mental and emotional scars left behind (that sometimes we don't even recognize in ourselves). And that's where Dr. Mondo's Road Map to Weight Loss Program comes in. 

Dr. Armando Gonzalez (Dr. Mondo) is a customer of ours and when I was introduced to his program and what he provides I was absolutely blown away. This is what I've been looking for. This is what people need. Not just another diet or fad; but real lasting opportunity for change. 

Dr. Mondo is a local psychologist who specializes in helping people struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Why is it that we can KNOW we shouldn't eat the cake, but we eat it anyways...and feel terrible afterwards? That is what Dr. Mondo works to answer. He is so passionate about his work that he soon became over-run with patients and had to turn people away. And that's when he created his online program- The Road Map to Weight Loss. This revolutionary program dives deep into your personal road blocks to long lasting weight loss and real change; from the inside out. 

I reached out to Dr. Mondo with the hopes that we could partner to bring his program to the Fleet Feet community...and what he did next astounded me. I was completely blown away. 

He is offering every single person that walks through Fleet Feet Sacramento's doors over $100 off his 8-week online Road Map to Weight Loss Program with coupon code FLEETFEET. 
He will also be providing once a month in person small group consultations for those registered for the program. A huge bonus! 

If you are like me and have struggled with your weight in the past or the present, now is the time to check out Dr. Mondo's program and find real lasting change. You are so worth it.

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear your story. Email me below. 

Amy Rihel
Training Programs Director

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