Newest Product on the Floor...the Buff

We've just finished unpacking our latest shipment of Buffs.  A what?  A Buff.  Believe us, this is one piece of gear that will leave you thinking, "Why didn't I think of that??!!"  A buff is a seamless tubular garment made from a high-performance microfiber that can be manipulated for many different uses.  It's the best of a bandana, neck gaiter, beanie, headband, helmet liner, balaclava, sun/dust/wind screen, scarf, pirate-style cap, hairband, wristband....must we continue?  Given its breathable, moisture-wicking qualities, a Buff offers the same performance benefits that we athletes demand from other high-tech garments and is even available with UV protection and in fleece for the winter.  Our trail runners love dipping theirs into cold creeks and wearing it on their heads while the wet trickles down to cool them off.  Our cyclists love having something under their helmets for their commutes to and from work.   Buffs come in a variety of colors and patterned prints, so it's easy to find one, or two, or three that will match your style. 


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