Running With Friends or Running Alone?

Running With Friends or Running Alone?

We all have our own personal preference on how we like to train or who we like to train with. But are we limiting are training potential by strictly training with friends or strictly training alone? In a recent article for Runner's World, Perks of Running Solo or Social, Jen A. Miller examines the perks of running with a group and running solo.

Running alone has many benefits. Running alone allows you time to escape from your day and find some time just for you. It can offer you time to recover from an injury without pushing yourself to keep up with a group or friend and can offer you time to really focus on your breathing, pace and form. Running alone can also offer you an extra level of comfort and confidence, knowing you can accomplish your training runs on your own.

But what about our friends? Running in a group can also offer many benefits that running alone can not. The main benefit being consistency and accountability. Running with a group can help you stick with a training plan, even on days when you may not want to get out of bed when the alarm goes off. Friends can help motivate you to try something new, like a new race or trail that you may have otherwise passed on. More so, friends are there to support you. This can be especially important if you  are a new runner or training for a big race.

The end result - Mix it Up! We all have days when a run alone is all we need to decompress and days when a run with a good friend is just what the doctor ordered. "Being set in an introverted or extroverted running pattern can limit your experiences and prevent you from growing as a runner," says Michelle P. Maidenberg, Ph.D., M.P.H., a psychotherapist. So find your balance between running with friends and running alone. It can help boost your training potential and help you become a more balanced runner.

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