The Heat Is "Still" On

Fall may be upon us but you'd never know it with forecasts in the 90s. It is important that we don't ignore our need to stay hydrated and cool as the seasons change. Body core temperature increases are the number one factor in fatigue during exercise. Stay cool with cooling apparel and accessories that react to your sweat by lowering the temperature of the fabric and accelerating wicking. You will find this technology in Arm Coolers, Hats, Shirts, Neck Bands and Towels. And don't forget about the hydration piece of staying cool. With a large selection of handheld water bottles, hydration vests and hydration belts there is no reason you can't carry what you need to stay cool.

Free HyperKewl Neck Band
When You Buy Any Two Hydration or Cooling Products. 

Hydration Products include handhelds, belts and hydration packs. Offer Expires: Sunday, October 5, 2014

Be Visible
It doesn't matter what time of year it is. If you run early or late you need to be seen. Fleet Feet Sacramento is planning an entire week around safety in November as the we turn back our clocks. But don't wait for November stop in to see our new new visibility products from blinky lights, handheld lights and headlamps to reflective vests, hats and apparel.

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