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Through the Front Door

Almost 9 years ago, I stepped through the front door of my local Fleet Feet Sports...

And I have to say, walking through that door I was nervous, intimidated, and scared silly. "I'm not a runner", I said to myself. "I don't look like a runner. They are going to KNOW I'm not a real runner, judge me and laugh. I don't belong here." 

Those are some of the thoughts that raced through my mind when I walked through those doors. When I got fit for my first pair of shoes, I didn't know what a 5k meant. I had no idea the importance of a good sports bra. I didn't yet know about the wonders of Run Guard or technical fiber socks. When I walked into Fleet Feet Sports, I had no idea that at that exact moment, my life would never be the same. 

And now I know...that door isn't just a door. It's magical. It's transformative. I am a completely different person than I would have been had I never had the courage to walk through that door

9 years ago I could barely run a mile. Today I have run dozens of races, 5k's to marathons, trail to road. I'm not the fastest by any measure, but I did it. I have accomplished goals I had never thought possible. Running has given me strength of body and mind, courage to push through the pain and endurance to fight off any obstacle that comes my way. 

And I couldn't be more grateful. Running is the gift I'm never giving back. 

What happened when you walk through the front door? How has running changed you? Connect with us on social media and share your story. 

-Amy Rihel
Director of Training Programs
Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento  

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