Western States Endurance Run Report

The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run is the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile footrace in the world. As part of the race this year, Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento staffed, stocked, shipped and sold 
Western States merchandise to the runners, their families and their fans. Along with the store team, our staff set up, worked and tore down the Aid Station at mile 73 also known as Ford's Bar. This race is near and dear to our hearts and is a wonderful showing of just how much dedication these runners have for their sport. Hats off to all those who ran Western States this year. Two of our Western States Store staff included their recap and photos from the event below. Enjoy!!

Thoughts on Western States - by Justin Weisenberger (Fleet Feet Sacramento and Western States Store staff)

It was an honor being given the chance to further our participation in the Western States Endurance Run this year. We went to Squaw Valley on Wednesday, June 26 to set up The Western States store in one of the most beautiful venues you could imagine.

With the mountains of Squaw Valley as our backdrop and some of the best ultra marathon runners either walking around or warming up by running the steep climb to what is called the Escarpment (the first aid station) we were in trail running heaven. You could feel the positive energy that surrounded the participants in the air. The three days we were in Squaw Valley were just a preview of the tenacity and strength it takes to be a finisher of the Western States Endurance Run. You never had to ask if someone was running Western States you just knew by how they held themselves and how they talked, they were focused.

Saturday we moved our store down to Auburn and set up at the race finish line located at Placer High School. The heat was unrelenting but we knew we couldn’t complain because the runners were feeling the full brunt of the first day of what would be a week long record breaking heat wave. The buzz of energy we felt in Squaw Valley was replaced by anxious anticipation while we set up the store and checked our smart phones for any new update on who was leading or who dropped.

It was an emotional 30 hours as we celebrated our friends and favorite runner’s successes as they crossed the finish line. You could see the joy and relief of families, pacers, crews, and finishers as they came by our store. They had completed the 100.2 mile journey from Squaw Valley to Auburn of the 40th running of Western States Endurance Run. 

Photo recap by Diane Forrest (Fleet Feet Sacramento and Western States Store staff)

Staff members Bob and Alex in "The Big Chair" at Squaw Valley

Diane and Alex

Diane and Bob (both Western States finishers)

Open and ready for business

Diane with Joe McCladdie                                                                                                            

Diane with Georgiana and Mark Nassi

Kay and Keith Bloom with Diane

 Diane and Stan Jensen

Steve Holman and Diane

Tony Lafferty and Diane

Two 100-mile runners from Peru and Argentina along with a pacer

Stephen T, James Barstad and Luis Alvarez

 Tim Twietmeyer and Bruce Falzano

The Western States Store abuzz with ultra runners

Bob, Diane and Alex at the Escarpment for the start of the race.

Alex and Dusty working at the mile 73 Ford's Bar aid station.

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