What's the Scoop on Trail Shoes?

Spring is just around the corner which means it's almost time to get out on the trails! It's the perfect time to enjoy all of the amazing trails, green grass, mud puddles and blooming flowers that the Sacramento area has to offer. 

So you're ready to make the transition from road to trail...but what do you need? And more importantly, what makes a trail shoe different? We've got your scoop! 


Trail Running shoes are built to withstand the trail surface. The soles are more rugged so as to not give way when you step on the roots or rocks. Stepping on a root directly in the middle of your foot can cause serious injury. The toes in trail running shoes are reinforced to give extra protection from hard objects that may stub your toes. Trail shoes will also have a wider foundation and deeper heel cup which will protect feet from uneven surfaces. This extra protection lends trail running shoes to be generally heavier. However, just like road running shoes you can buy trail running shoes that are built for performance, thus lighter, or you can go for a heavier shoe to control your pronation and give you extra protection. 


There are many different types of terrain and conditions you may encounter on a trail and you will need more traction. The treads on the bottom of trail shoes are built to prevent rocks from getting caught and to whisk mud away so it doesn’t stick to your shoes. 


The soft material on top of a shoe is called an upper. This material can be somewhat different on a trail shoe than it's road counterpart. Trail shoes tend to have more layers of or a tighter-woven material surrounding the foot. This doesn't prevent the foot from breathing but it can help keep out any dirt from entering. Trail shoes are also a lot of times water resistant and a few are even water proof. When trail running, you may need to run straight through puddles or have to cross major streams. You don’t want to run in soggy shoes for the rest of the time so trail running shoes are built to repel water better than road running shoes.

Ready to take on the trail? If you're new to trail running, it's best to have a guide.
Check out our upcoming  Trail Heads Training Program starting in March and learn from some of THE best trail runners in Northern California. 

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