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No Boundaries 5k & 10k Training Program

No Boundaries VSP is back, starting January 16, 2018, training for the Shamrock’n 5k or 10k. Not only is No Bo VSP for the individual who wants a supportive environment to learn to love running, or run/walking, it is also for the No Bo graduate who wants to increase their mileage and/or work on increasing speed.  We will tailor the workouts so beginners can be successful at the 1 - 3 mile distance and more advanced trainees can be successful at the 3 - 6 mile distance.  No Bo VSP will help you get FIT while having FUN! Don’t miss out – join us!

Wow! VSP will pay for the No Boundaries training program cost in full for employees who attend a minimum 13 (of 16) training sessions! Registration paid by VSP is open to the first 50 employees to sign up for the program.  Registration forms must be turned in promptly to HR to be considered for the program. VSP employees and their family and friends also have the option to pay Fleet Feet Sports directly for the program.  These "direct" registrations will not be considered for reimbursement by VSP and a minimum attendance is not required.

No Boundaries VSP:  January - March 2018

  • First group workout Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  • Group workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:00pm-6:15pm
  • Group workouts start in Conference Room 217- next to the wellness center in HQ2
  • 8 week program; 16 group workouts
  • Goal Event: Shamrock’n 5k or 10k on March 10 or 11, 2018

What Fleet Feet Sports Provides:

  • $15 Fleet Feet Sports coupon
  • 8 weeks of training for all levels
  • 2 group workouts each week at VSP
  • Experienced coach to support you along the way
  • Daily training schedule
  • Education on proper form, pacing, stretching, and more
  • Cool training shirt
  • Weekly training newsletter

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