Shamrockn' Tuesday/Saturday Equipment Person

Shamrockn' Tuesday/Thursday Equipment Person

We are looking for just the right person to be our Shamrockn' Half Marathon Tuesday/Saturday Equipment Person. You actually don't need a monster truck, but a large car is pretty much necessary.  You earn free shoes!  Read on...

Our equipment person is responsible for transporting the tent, table, water, sports drink, cups and other assorted equipment to each of the weekly workouts.  This person must be reliable and have a car big enough to haul all of this stuff.  We provide you with the equipment, your job is to arrive 25 - 30 minutes before each practice. The coaches and mentors will help you set up and clean up. 

The equipment person earns a free pair of shoes - any style, any color!  Let us know if you are interested by clicking on this link and filling out the form.  We will be in touch!

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