Jan 18 - 24

Workout Time and Location

  • Wednesday, January 20th@ 6:00 pm - Rio Americano High School, 4540 American River Drive  (workout directions)
    • Please arrive early if you missed the kickoff and still need to get your schedule, and coupons.
    • Please park in the far east end of the parking lot (overflow) near the baseball field. 
    • Don't forget water and a yoga mat or towel and a headlamp.
    • Nick from adidas will be out with some great shoe demos. 
  • Casual Weekend Long Run
    • Alone or with other training group members.
    • Connect on the Facebook Group to plan weekend meetups! 
    • This is NOT a coached group workout.
    • Optional Route from Coach Charlie below

From 200 Wool Street: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6784423

Zoom in to see a more detailed look of the map: Take the bike trail/streets up to the library and then pass by the community center and police station. Catch the bike trail and take that up to the Johnny Cash Bridge. Follow the long down hill section on Folsom Lake Cross on the sidewalk, then hook up with the bike trail again and take that to Beals. Continue past as far as you need to go for your out and back run. You can run up on the levee trail or take the hilly sections down off to left on the way out, and on the right on the way back. Return to Beals then follow same route home. 

Note From Coach Charlie

Wanted to give some guidance on training paces. I like to add a variety of speeds in the week from speed work to recovery jogs. A few strides/sprints at near top speed are great for any race you're training for as they help perfect our form, add some pop in our step, open up our stride, and increase our running economy (efficiency) at all speeds. Since we are training for a marathon we don't really need to do intervals faster than 5k or 10k for "speed" work for that race. Half marathon and marathon pace will be strength and endurance work at those speeds.

Speed workout paces are typically not a very big concern, any work done faster than race pace is beneficial! What is interesting is that on average the difference in pace between races from 5k to Marathon are by 5% increments. So if we look at GMP for 3:00 and 4:00 and 5:00 marathoners that is 6:52 and 9:09 and 11:26, or in seconds that is 412 and 549 and 686 seconds. 1% of each is about 4, 5, and 6 seconds so this is why you'll hear me say to run about 20-25-30 seconds faster for each segment (of race distances) faster than GMP. This gets us very close to the right pace necessary for the workout.

How fast to run easy paces and when is a bigger debate as we all tend to want to run faster than we should. Famed Boston area running coach Bill Squires had a nice ballpark math estimate for aerobic runs. 2:30 slower than 5k pace is recovery, 2:00 slower is easy, 1:30 slower is a moderate run, 1:00 slower is the start of uptempo running. Now his runners were doing 5:00 marathon pace so 300 seconds or 15 sec per mile difference between race distances. So his paces makes sense as 5k was 4:15, 10k was 4:30, HM was 4:45 and MP 5:00, then 5:15 would be a "steady state" pace, uptempo running for his guys. 5:45 would then be moderate, 6:15 easy, and 6:45+ for recovery.... for a total range of about 2:00-2:30+.

Since 3 to 5 hour marathoners have a wider difference in pace between the races from 5k to Marathon they can afford to run easy paces that are a little bit closer to marathon pace. Moderate to Easy to Recovery running times look like this:

  • Squires' runners MP + :45 - 1:15 - 1:45 -- (+:45 5k to MP = 2:30)
  • 3 hour marathoner MP + :30 - 1:00 - 1:30 -- (+1:00 5k to MP = 2:30)
  • 4 hour marathoner MP + :15 - :45 - 1:15 -- (+1:15 5k to MP = 2:30)
  • 5 hour marathoner MP + :0 - :30 - 1:00 -- (+1:30 5k to MP = 2:30)

This is why we generally suggest 30-60 slower than marathon pace for an easy pace run. As you see it matches up with a similar 2:00-2:30 range between 5k and easy to recovery run paces. In terms of when to run within these ranges in our plan here are my suggestions:

  • Monday: off or recovery-easy pace
  • Tuesday: easy run pace average. Typically I like to run recovery to start, spend a lot of time at easy then finish briefly at moderate.
  • Wednesday: recovery pace for warm-up and cool-down, and speed workout paces
  • Thursday: off or recovery-easy pace
  • Friday: easy to moderate pace: this is a day where if you want to add a little extra something to the week you can increase the pace at the end to average closer to moderate overall.
  • Saturday: off or recovery-easy pace
  • Sunday: easy to mod pace average overall: again most long runs should be in a progressive manner starting slow and then getting faster, but not going too much beyond moderate pace unless prescribed to close the last few miles at MP - that will naturally bring the average pace down even more.

Although there is a lot of math involved it is best to test out paces, get a sense of the different rhythm cadence, breathing, and (possibly) heart rate, and then try to run on feel for large portions of the run without looking at splits too much. I like to do my analysis after the run, and spot check only a few times during the run. If feeling sluggish, listen to your body and slow down. You'll feel better again in a day or two. If you feel good run swiftly but under control on Fridays and Sundays, and certainly don't try to run race pace every day.

What's Happening in Training 

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Yoga For Runners: Join Hillary Helt, certified yoga instructor and Fleet Feet Sacramento Fit Specialist on Feb 4th for this 2-hour fun event. Learn why yoga is the perfect compliment to running and join in a 45 min long beginner yoga class designed to meet a runner's specific needs. Learn More and Register Here

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