August 22 - 28

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living." - Anais Nin

Workout Times and Locations

  • Thursday, August 25th @ 6:00 pm - William Land Park  - click here for directions
    • Don't forget a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel.
  • Sunday, August 28th @ 7:30 am- Sunrise Boulevard location: 11211 Gold Country Blvd., Gold River Executive Center:  - click here for directions
    • Don't forget a water bottle, yoga mat for recovery after your workout.
    • 7:00 am start for paces 13+ min/mile
    • An aid station will be available for you to top off your water bottles and sample Gu fueling products.
    • Disney Half Marathon race prep after today's workout (details below).

Training Topics

Breathing: While most runners/walkers take notice of their pace and distance, many people do not give any thought to breathing. However, how you breathe during your workout can sometimes make the difference between a good and a bad workout, and perhaps enable you to run/walk at a faster pace with less effort.

Managing Stress: You may feel there’s nothing you can do about stress, but you have more control over it than you might think. We may not be able to control stress, but we can manage it - it's all about taking charge. Here are some stress-management tips that may help you feel better every day.

Disney Race Prep Tips: It's almost race day! Let's go over all the details. Your Coach will go over your Disney race plans after Sunday's workout, but make sure to read these tips and packing list ahead of times and bring any questions you may have. 

Race Day Fueling Plan: It is important to put down in writing your race day fueling plan. Here is a nutrition and fueling worksheet you can use to make sure you are fueled and hydrated for the big day.

Race Goal Tips:  It is one thing to say you are physically ready for a race, but are you ready mentally? Make sure you know your goals and are mentally prepared for the race.

What's Happening in Training

Race Prep: For those of you doing the Disneyland Half Marathon - Sunday, August 28th, Coach Angelica will be discussing race-prep with you after your workout. This is a good time to ask any questions or bring up any concerns you have about race day. Remember, she has done multiple Disney races, so now is the time to pick her brain!

Transfer to Urban Cow Training: Want to transfer into our Urban Cow training after this program is done? Use code ROCKSTAR to pay only $50 to join

Transfer to CIM Training: Want to transfer to our CIM Training after this program is done? Use code SUMMERLOVIN26.2 to pay only $140 to join!

Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Accommodations: If you are still in need of accommodations for your fantastic Disneyland adventure look no further than Kristin with Custom Travel Professionals. They have some great rates and offers to make your trip even more magical!

Giant Race Discount: Don't forget you can still register for The Giant Race 1/2 marathon!  

  • To receive the discounted pricing of $100 for entry into The Giant Race 1/2 marathon, use coupon code: FFSAC16
  • To receive $15 off the VIP runners's lounge, please contact : (415) 972-1881 or info@giantrace.comDiscount not available through online purchase.

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