Sept 5 - 11

"Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and above all - don't let anyone limit your dreams." - Donovan Bailey

Last Workout and Post/Pre Race Party

  • Thursday, September 8th @ 6:00 pm - Fleet Feet Sacramento - 2311 J St. Sacramento, CA 
    • Last Workout
    • We will be meeting in the back lobby and patio at the store.
    • Don't forget a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel.
    • Post/Pre Race Party after your workout! (Details below)

Training Topics

Giant's Race Prep Review: It's almost race day! Make sure you know your goals and are mentally prepared for the race.  Also we have a Race Weekend Details handout for those participating in the race itself. 

Staying Consistent: Consistency is a key component to any exercise routine. Keeping up a running or walking routine does not have to be a constant struggle. Lear how to make regular exercise a part of your everyday life!

Staying Motivated: Personal motivation is key to maintaining what we signed ourselves up for. If we're not motivated, we're more likely to squander our time and neglect our race day goals. Even the best athletes can lose steam sometimes. Here are some sure-fire tips to keep yourself motivated.

What's Happening in Training

Post/Pre Race Party: Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 8th at 7:00 pm at Fleet Feet Sacramento. After an easy 3-4 miles (walk or run), we will have a light dinner, pictures and raffle prizes for you to enjoy while reveling in your Disney memories and Giants dreams!

Facebook Ending:
It has been fun getting to know each other at our workouts in our Summer Half Marathon Facebook group. However, all good things must come to an end and we will have to close our Facebook group soon after the Giant's Half Marathon.  We will leave it up for a week after the race - so send those friend requests and get those phone numbers so you can continue meeting up once the group is closed.

SNFC Discounted Classes: We are happy to announce that Fleet Feet Sacramento Trainees are being given the chance to take some Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op classes for just $25! Click here for a list of the featured classes held at our brand new location at the corner of R and 29th!  

What's Next?:
  • Transfer to Urban Cow Training: Want to transfer into our Urban Cow training after this program is done? Use code ROCKSTAR to pay only $50 to join
  • Transfer to CIM Training: Want to transfer to our CIM Training after this program is done? Use code SUMMERLOVIN26.2 to pay only $140 to join!
  • Transfer to Trail Heads Training: Want to transfer to our Trail Heads training after this program is done? Use code DREAMOFTRAILS to pay only $82 to join
  • No Boundaries 5k and 10k is a great option for your fall/winter base training. This is our recommended option if you are participating in the CIM 4-person relay. Join us
In-store Seminars and Clinics: Fleet Feet Sacramento offers many free monthly clinics on varying topics including form, mobility and so much more. Check out our calendar of upcoming events!

Free Fun Run/Walks: Come and join us any Tuesday evening at 6:00pm at Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento for an enjoyable run or walk. All ages, abilities and paces are more than welcome and varying distances are available. Open to the public- bring friends and family!

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