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April 11 - 17

Workout Times and Locations

  • Wednesday April 13th @ 6:00 pmTahoe Park- click here for directions
    • Don't forget a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel. 
  • Saturday April 16th @ 7:30 am- Granite Regional Park - click here for directions
    • Don't forget a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel.
    • 7 am Form Clinic with your coaches. Details below.

Training Topics 

Proper Form: Proper form can make all the difference when it comes to feeling good during your workout. Here are some running form basics that will help keep your workouts safe and effective by building your technique from the ground up.

Proper Pacing: Pacing can be confusing. How fast is too fast? Am I moving too slow? The key is to find the pace that works best for you and your workout. Here are a few tips and tricks to finding your pace.

Whole Foods Healthy Eating Recipes: This week's healthy eating recipe from Whole Food's Market wants you to jump-start your morning with these Whole Grain Waffles with Chia and Flaxseeds. Top with a light drizzle of warm maple syrup and plenty of fresh fruit or slather with apple butter.

Deena Kastor "Sound Body Sound Mind" Tip: Three things: Write down 3 reasons why you should succeed. Negative thoughts always seem to creep up when race day approaches. Nail down 3 reasons you should meet your goal and commit those reasons to memory now to ensure success throughout the training. 

Speed School 

Speed School: For those of you who are registered for Monday Night Speed School your first workout will be tonight @ 6:00 pm at William Land Park, near Doc Oliver Field. Bring a water bottle and yoga mat or towel for stretching and core work. You will also need a watch for your mile assessment tonight.
Space is still available if you would like to add this exclusive training

 Pace Calculator: After tonight's workout, enter your 1 mile assessment time in our pace calculator. This will serve two purposes; first to give you your ideal 5k and 10k pace guidelines for future workouts and also to give you a baseline for comparison at the end of the 8 weeks. 

 Track Etiquette: For most of us, this will be the first time we have ever been on a track. Just as with running on the Parkway, there are special rules for running on a track. Check out this great article by Runner's World regarding proper track etiquette so you too can be "in the know". 

What's Happening in Training 

Proper Form Clinic: April 16th at 7:00 am. Join your coaches for our quick form clinic prior to the workout. This a must for first time trainees and a great refresher for returning trainees.

Training Schedule: Hard copies of the schedules are available at your workouts. If you prefer, here is the downloadable copy of the 5k and 10k and 10k + Speed School schedules for your needs.

Schedule a Shoe/Bra Fit: Proper fit is essential to an active lifestyle. Here at Fleet Feet Sacramento we have expert staff on hand to fit you for the right shoes, bras, accessories, and apparel. Read here for a brief description of our processes and then come into our store to experience it. We invite you to come visit our professional staff who will help fit you for the right products! We now offer shoe fitting and sports bra fitting appointments on weekdays, or feel free to drop-in anytime.

Facebook Page: We have set up a Women's Fitness Festival 5k & 10k Training Facebook page exclusively for our trainees. This is a great spot to communicate with fellow trainees in the program. This is not a coaching site and our coaches are not required to participate on the page. If you have training questions, please email: Please read the page rules as well. Here is how to join:

  • Search: Women's Fitness 5k & 10k Training - Fleet Feet J Street
  • Click this link a send us a friend request

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