April 4 - 10

Welcome to Women's Fitness Festival 5k and 10k Training
Thank you for choosing to train with us! http://files.www.fleetfeetsacramento.com/training-3/kaiser-permanente-womens-fitness-festival/latest-news/kaiser-permanente-womens-fitness-festival-training/pre-season-welcome/asics-logo.png

First Workout Details 

First Workout

When: Saturday, April 9th @ 7:30 am 
Where: Howe Avenue location: 100 Howe Avenue, University Park Offices

  • If you were unable to attend the kickoff, be sure to come early to pickup your one of a kind training shirt, beautiful feather necklace, training schedule, and $15 Fleet Feet Sports coupon.
  • Bring a water bottle and yoga mat or towel for stretching and core work. 
  • Bring a friend! It's always more fun to train with a friend. They can check the first workout for FREE!
  • Rob with Asics will be there with shoe demos. Come early to grab a pair of the latest from Asics. 

Training Topics

Come Prepared: Are you ready for your first workout? Here are a few great things you will need to come prepared to the first workout. 

Goal Setting: "A goal is a dream with a deadline." What would you like to get out of this training? Are you looking to run or walk your first 5k? Trying to hit a PR in the 10k?  What about just being able to keep up with your kids? Whatever your goal, it's important to put it in writing and create an action plan. Here is a fantastic worksheet to make sure you are setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.

American River Parkway Etiquette: Just as there are "rules of the road" when it comes to driving, there are similar safety rules and etiquette along the American River Parkway for walkers and runners. Click here to brush up on a simple code of conduct that keeps the parkway safe. Also, if you are in need of a Parkway Pass- Fleet Feet Sacramento sells them! Grab one and enjoy the "jewel of Sacramento".

Deena Kastor "Sound Body Sound Mind" Tip: "Have a purpose: why do you walk or run? I find if I have an answer to this question than I commit to the practice. Your answer may change with new races on the horizon. Do you want to set a personal best? You will need a deeper commitment. Do you want to lose 5lbs? Staying in bed for an extra hour won’t help with that. Let your reason for running drive your ambition."

Speed School 

Speed School: For those of you who are registered for Monday Night Speed School your first workout will be Monday, April 11th @ 6:00 pm at William Land Park, near Doc Oliver Field. Bring a water bottle and yoga mat or towel for stretching and core work. Space is still available if you would like to add this exclusive training experience

What's Happening in Training 

Training News: We also want to welcome you to our Women's Fitness Festival 5k and 10k Training home. Your one stop shop for all things training. Be sure to bookmark this page so you stay up to date on the Latest News in your training program.

Training Schedule: Hard copies of the schedules were provided at the first workout. If you prefer, here is the downloadable copy of the 5k and 10k schedules for your needs.

Save the Date: Wednesday, April 20th - Workout and hangout with Asics sponsored and Olympic athlete Deena Kastor. More details to follow. Get to know Deena Kastor here.

Schedule a Shoe/Bra Fit: Proper fit is essential to an active lifestyle. Here at Fleet Feet Sacramento we have expert staff on hand to fit you for the right shoes, bras, accessories, and apparel. Read here for a brief description of our processes and then come into our store to experience it. We invite you to come visit our professional staff who will help fit you for the right products! We now offer shoe fitting and sports bra fitting appointments on weekdays, or feel free to drop-in anytime.

Facebook Page: We have set up a Women's Fitness Festival 5k & 10k Training Facebook page exclusively for our trainees. This is a great spot to communicate with fellow trainees in the program. This is not a coaching site and our coaches are not required to participate on the page. If you have training questions, please email: training@fleetfeetsacramento.com. Please read the page rules as well. Here is how to join:

  • Search: Women's Fitness 5k & 10k Training - Fleet Feet J Street
  • Click this link a send us a friend request

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