She believed she could SO SHE DID!!!

Congratulations on an amazing training season. It was truly fantastic to see so many of your pictures and hear your stories from the Kaiser Permanente Women's Fitness Festival this weekend. We are so proud of you!!

What's Happening in Training 

Women's Fitness Festival Training survey: We work hard to provide you with the absolute best training experience possible. Now it is your turn to tell us what you think and how we can make our program even better. Please take a few minutes to take our Women's Fitness Festival 5k and 10k Training Survey.

What's Next in Training:  Don't stop now! There are more great training programs that may suit your fitness needs. If you are ready to jump from 5k to 10k- No Boundaries is the perfect choice and starts this Saturday! Ready to go from 10k to Half Marathon? No matter your choice of race, the Disneyland 1/2 marathon training program will help you reach your goal. Keep up your momentum and set new goals! 

Tweener Schedule: Keep going. Follow this great schedule to keep you fit and moving until your next training program or race.

Facebook Ending: It is sad but true. We will have to say good-bye to the Facebook page until our next Women's Fitness Festival Training program comes around. Make sure to get in touch with your favorite Facebook friends. Our page will be closing on June 10th.

Just a few of the great pictures and memories from Sunday's race!


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