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April 24-30

No Boundaries

"Even on my weakest days...I get a little bit stronger." 

It's Power Week!!! Time to recommit to training and re-evaluate your goals. Let's do this Nobo-ers!

Workout Times and Locations

Wednesday, April 26 @ 6pm- William Land Park near Doc Oliver Field (workout directions)

  • Don't forget a yoga mat/towel and water bottle. 
Saturday, April 29 @ 8am- Fleet Feet Sports: 2311 J st. (workout directions)
  • Don't forget a yoga mat/towel and water bottle. 
  • Workout with 360 and our No Boundaries groups from SMUD and VSP. 
  • Women's Fitness Festival sponsor, Whole Foods Market, will be providing a delicious breakfast afterwards! 

Training Topics- Let's Review! 

S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Setting goals is an excellent way for runners/walkers to stay motivated and to make sure they stay consistent. When choosing goals, it helps to use the SMART principle and set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. Here are basic rules to follow when you're setting your running goals.

Proper Form: Proper form can make all the difference when it comes to feeling good during your workout. Here are some great tips to help get you in proper running or walking form. They will help keep your workouts safe and effective by building your technique from the ground up.

Proper Pacing: Especially when you are first starting out, it can be difficult to know if you are going too fast or too slow when walking or running. Are you working too hard? Are you working hard enough? Here is a great guide to help ensure that you are working at your right level; your proper pace

Power Week Challenges: Now is the time to recommit to the remainder of your training and reevaluate the goals you set 5 weeks ago. What's worked? What hasn't? To get our training "groove" back- here are small daily challenges to keep you motivated. Extra credit if you post pics on the facebook group and help motivate your teammates. Let's knock it out of the park this week Nobo-ers- let's be stronger than yesterday! 

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op Healthy Eating Recipes: Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the days are getting  warmer! Let's celebrate by eating something green and delicious. This Penne with Kale Pesto from the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op fits that bill exactly. Enjoy it with grilled broccoli and chicken for a full meal that is exactly what your body craves after a great workout. 

Journal Prompt: Fill in the Journal Prompt space on your printable training journal with this: Review your goals. What's worked so far? What has gotten in the way? 

What's Happening in Training 

What's Next: Now is the time to start planning for when No Boundaries comes to an end. Let's keep your momentum going! Here's $10 off the 10k or half marathon program for Fleet Feet 360 with coupon code MOMENTUM at registration. Coupon expires May 1st. Don't miss out! The next session starts the very next week after Nobo finishes. 

Mark Your Calendars: 

  • April 29- Halfway Celebration! Workout at Fleet Feet with fellow trainees and enjoy a breakfast from Women's Fitness Festival sponsor Whole Foods Market after! 
  • May 27- Race Prep. Coaches Sally and Kristy will walk you through everything you need to know about your upcoming 5k race. Plus- potluck day!! 

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op Cooking Class Discount: As sponsors of No Boundaries, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is providing all Fleet Feet Sacramento trainees the opportunity to take some of their amazing classes at a steep discount. Details here! Thank you Co-op!! 

Registered Dietitian: You've got the exercise part down, but looking for help on what to eat? Sign up for a session with Registered Dietitian, Katy Tenner and learn how to fuel right for your body and you goals. 

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