March 21 - 27

Workout Times and Locations

  • Tuesday March 22nd @ 11:15 am - Horseshoe Parking Lot between HQ and CSC
    • Don't forget a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel for stretching after the workout. 
  • Thursday March 24th @ 11:15 am - Horseshoe Parking Lot between HQ and CSC
    • Don't forget a water bottle and a yoga mat or towel for stretching after the workout.

Training Topics

Running and Walking Strong: A strong body will help you while running and walking by reducing fatigue and maintaining proper form. Here are some strength training exercises you can add to your easy or cross training days.

Hydration and Fueling: A hydration and fueling plan is vital to maintain an even performance and enjoyable feeling for the duration of the workout. The longer you run, the more important having an understanding of your hydration and fueling needs becomes. Here are some tips to help you with your hydration and fueling plan.

SNFC Healthy Eating Recipes: Delicious and bursting with flavor, Minced Chicken Lettuce Wraps are a great idea for entertaining, or a quick and easy family meal where each person can build their own fresh, delicious wrap. As we veer into the warmer months, this is a meal that won't heat up your kitchen or feel too heavy to eat. It hits that magical middle zone of being both very satisfying and also surprisingly light and refreshing. So what are you waiting for? Grab your coupon and pick up what you need at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op on your way home, and you can have these for dinner tonight! 

Brooks "Run Happy" Tip: This week, let's focus on sleep. Sleep is one of the main components of proper recovery and can effect so much more than your workout including but not limited to: increased appetite and cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, lowered cognitive function and immune function and greater susceptibility to stress. Work on getting 7-9 hours of sleep or until you wake fully rested. One of the best ways to improve your sleep habits is to set a bedtime. Falling asleep and waking at the same time each day insures your body gets in proper rhythm. How well are you sleeping? 

What's Happening in Training 

Zoo Zoom: Are you thinking about participating in the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k or 10k? This is a great way to honor all the hard work you are putting into training. Your coach will be joining you race day and we will have a special Fleet Feet Training Tent for everyone to gather and celebrate their success. Register today!

Incentives: Remember that if you attend 13 out of 16 workouts you will receive a motivational silicone bracelet. And for SMUD employees - your training will be free!

Yoga For Runners: Join Hillary Helt, certified yoga instructor and Fleet Feet Sacramento Fit Specialist on Wednesday March 23rd for this 2-hour fun event. Learn why yoga is the perfect compliment to running and join in a 45 min long beginner yoga class designed to meet a runner's specific needs. Learn More and Register Here.

Free Clinics and Seminars: Fleet Feet Sacramento hosts a myriad of free clinics and seminars throughout the month. Take a look at our calendar to RSVP for everything from Mobility Clinics to Good Form Running to Injury Assessments by Results Physical Therapy and so much more!

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