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March 13-19

Trail Heads Trail Training

Welcome to our Trail Heads Training Program, training for the Dirty Secret Trail Run.
Thank you for choosing to train with us!

Workout Times and Locations

  • Sunday, March 19th @ 7:30 am - Auburn Dam Overlook Park: 855 Pacific Avenue, Auburn  (workout directions)
    • 1st Workout!
    • Registered trainees can pick up your schedule, coupons and shirt. 
    • Don't forget a water bottle, electrolytes and fuel. 
    • Hoka will be at the workout with shoes for you to demo. Be sure to arrive early so you can try a pair in your size. 
    • Bring a friend to try out Trail Heads training FREE! It's always more fun with a friend. 
    • On-site registration and breakfast available after the workout! 

Training Topics 

Come Prepared: Are you ready for your first workout? Here are a few great things you will need to come prepared to the first workout.

Trail Safety and Etiquette: Just as with road running, there is a certain etiquette to running on trail. Make sure you know the "rules of the road" with this handout.

What's the Scoop with Trail Shoes?: So you're ready to make the transition from road to trail...but why do you need a different shoe? And more importantly, what makes a trail shoe different? We've got your scoop!

Schedule: A hard copy of your training schedule will be available on Sunday. Here is a pdf version so you always have the schedule at your fingertips. *Locations listed on schedule for planning purposes; subject to change. Always check the Latest News for most accurate information. 

What's Happening in Training 

Carpool: Parking can be very limited at many of our training locations. We highly recommend carpooling. We will provide a carpool signup sheet at training for you to connect with others in your neighborhood.

Functional Fitness: Looking to ramp up your training? Join our new Functional Fitness class on Mondays at 5:45am or 6pm at Land Park for a 60 min workout designed to build strength, endurance and agility specific to runners. Learn more here and Register Now!

Dirty Secret Trail Run: Don't let all your training go to waste, the race is 70% full already! Register today and make sure you're part of all the fun! Plus...pancakes...need we say more? 

Facebook Page: Join us on Facebook! We have set up a Trail Heads Training Facebook page exclusively for our trainees. This is a great spot to communicate with fellow trainees in the program. This is not a coaching site and our coaches are not required to participate on the page. If you have training questions, please email: Please read the page rules as well. Here is how to join:

  • Search: Trail Heads Trail Training - Fleet Feet J Street
  • Click this link a send us a friend request

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