Sept 5 - 11

"Let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees." - Anonymous

Workout Times and Locations

  • Wednesday, September 7th @ 6:30 pm - Auburn Dam Overlook Park: 855 Pacific Avenue, Auburn,  (workout directions)
    • Don't forget a water bottle or hydration pack. 
    • Bring a yoga mat or towel for stretching afterwards.
    • Headlamps, lights and reflective gear highly recommended.
  • Sunday, September 11th @ 7:30 am - Quarry, Auburn  (workout directions)
    • Don't forget a water bottle or hydration pack and yoga mat or towel.
    • Fueling samples will be provided for you to test out on your run. 
    • Coach Mo and David will be out. Coach Bryan and Amy will be joining Coach Jonathan this weekend. 
    • Ranger Pat will be selling Poppy Passes. Bring cash or check- $125.00 

Training Topics 

Hydration and Fueling for Trail: Unlike running on the city streets you may not have access to ANY water for long periods of time when on the trails - therefore, when going on a trail run, plan your hydration and fueling strategy before you head out from the trail head.

What to Eat During a Trail Run: Ultra-runners eat handfuls of chips and M&Ms and carry hydration packs full of sports drinks, gels, and chews. But what do regular folks need to ingest on a 40-minute trail run?

Electrolytes: Many people do not fully understand the importance of electrolytes. The severe consequences that can result from an imbalance of electrolytes only confirms how vital they are to our bodies. Here you will find out what electrolytes are, their importance, and how to replenish them.

Hydration Packs: A hydration pack is specially designed backpack that carries your fluid supply, your fuel, and any other gear you might need while you are out on your run. When selecting the best hydration pack for your activities, there are a number of factors that are worth considering.

What's Happening in Training 

Transition to CIM: If you plan on racing the California International Marathon, why not jump into our CIM training program once Trail Heads is done? Use coupon code TRAILHEADCIM to pay only $80 for this add-on. Make sure to let your trail coaches know so they can make any tweaks to your schedule if necessary.

Sign Up for Granite Head Trails and Ales race: Online registration for Granite Head Trail and Ales is still open and is filling up fast. As a bonus you will get to partake in a great post race atmosphere with fajitas and Yolo Brewing serving their best beer. The race has two scenic course options: a Short Course; 6.6 miles and a Long Course; 11.2 miles.

SNFC Discounted Classes: We are happy to announce that Fleet Feet Sacramento Trainees are being given the chance to take some Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op classes for just $25! Click here for a list of the featured classes held at our brand new location at the corner of R and 29th!

Carpooling: We still encourage carpooling to all our trail training locations. You can reach out to your fellow Trail Heads in our private Facebook group for carpool planning.

Poppy Pass: As you are aware many of our training locations have pay-for parking. One of the best ways to avoid these fees is to purchase a California State Poppy Pass for $125. There will be a few opportunities where Ranger Pat will come to a workout to sell the passes. You may also purchase these online or at the Park Pass Sales Office located at 1416 9th Street, Room 144, Sacramento, California. When you purchase local- the money stays local!

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