Runner's Essential Core Routine

Runner's Essential Core Routine

The core is the power center of a runner's body. Improving your core strength will maximize your progress towards becoming a better athlete.

  • Start with 2 rounds of 30 sec for each exercise
  • For single sided exercises, perform 30 sec on each side
  • Perform 2-4 times per week, generally on easy run and/or cross-training days
  • Work up to 5-8 rounds of 30 sec each exercise, adding a round every week or two
  • Focus on proper form, not speed or number of repetitions
  • When an exercise becomes easy, challenge yourself to try the harder modification, even for just a few repetitions or rounds
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Sumo Squat - Body Weight Squat - Squat with Side Lateral Lift

Single Leg Balance - Tipping Bird - Tipping Bird with Cross-Tap

Knee Plank - Plank - Plank Tick Tocks

Box or Knee Push-up - Push-up - Push-up with Offset Hands

Clamshells - Fire Hydrant - Fire Hydrant Circles

Glute Bridge with Movement – Glute Bridge Hold – Glute Bridge with Leg Extension

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